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Take advantage of the high gold prices! Use the gold calculator to value your gold.
Disclaimer: All valuations are estimate and prices may vary.

Sell Gold in London

Do you have any unwanted gold jewellery lying around the house? Maybe there’s a gold coin rattling around in the back of your drawer that you just don’t know what to do with. Well, why let it sit in the dark gathering dust when you could sell it and turn it into money?

With our ‘Cash for Gold’ services, all you need to do is pop down to one of our shops in London, bringing along your item (or items) of gold, sell it to us and we will give you instant cash in return. What could be a simpler and quicker way of making money fast?

Gold calculator

Use our gold calculator (which can be found on the left hand side of this page, or on the top right of our home page) to find out how much your gold is worth. It’s so simple to use and there are three easy steps:

  1. Pop your gold on your scales at home and find out how much it weighs in grams then enter the amount into the empty field on the calculator.
  2. Use the drop down menu to select the carat of your gold.
  3. Click ‘Calculate’ and you will instantly be provided with an estimate of how much your gold is worth.

Cash your gold today

Getting cash for your gold couldn’t be easier. Simply visit one of our shops in London bringing along your gold. We will value it and make you an offer. If you decide to sell it to us, we will provide you with instant cash there and then.

And in case you thought it couldn’t get any better, we will also accept your gold in any condition. So no matter how tired and tattered you think it looks, it makes no difference to us. We’re more than happy to take it, regardless.